Finn Parry

About me

I'm an 18-year-old software engineering student, attending Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. I'm in my first year of studies and really enjoying the university experience so far. I have always been fascinated by technology since I was young, and my dad, who works in IT, has played a big role in nurturing this interest. I love coding and gaming, which is why I'm pursuing a degree in software engineering.

Apart from my studies, I have two adorable kittens named Wolfgang and Freya who are my constant (slightly annoying) companions. They bring me joy and are a great way for me to relax when I'm not busy with my coursework. I'm really excited to learn and grow in the field of software engineering, and I hope to make a significant impact in the industry in the future.

Skills & Education

I studied Computer Science ATAR in senior school, which gave me a strong foundation in programming concepts. I am currently pursuing a degree in Software Engineering at Curtin University, where I am learning Java and exploring other programming languages. In 2020, I gained valuable experience in web development while working for Flexi. This experience helped me develop my skills in project management, teamwork, and communication.

I also have hands-on experience in cybersecurity through the WACTF 2018 and cybersecurity camps at ECU. These experiences have deepened my interest in the field and its critical role in the tech industry. Overall, I am always eager to learn and grow as a software engineer, and I am excited to see where my skills and passion for tech will take me in the future.

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